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Best Conference Calling Services 2022


Conducting conferences for crowds of all sizes is now simpler than ever thanks to feature-rich conference calling providers. In fact, there are so many possibilities available today that it can be challenging to determine which one will best meet your unique needs.

The conference solutions currently available on the market were examined in depth by Forbes. When selecting the top conference calling services for this list, we took a number of aspects into account, including cost, usability, features provided, security, reliability history, and customer support. Review these possibilities in light of your precise business needs since each service on our list offers something distinctive.


Forbes examined hundreds of criteria from dozens of service providers to compile this list of the top conference calling services for 2022. We looked at the credibility and security of providers as well as actual user feedback. We also delved further into crucial elements like:

Ease of Use: We looked at how simple it was to host and take part in conference calls, awarding higher marks to service providers who excelled in usability.
Cost & Fees: According to the features provided, plan costs, and add-on fees, Forbes looked at the overall value presented.
Customer support: It’s critical that software vendors give prompt support and a wonderful customer experience, whether you need assistance installing the software, instructions for using advanced features, or bug-fixing assistance.
Functionality and Capabilities: Not all conferencing services provide the same range of services and features. We evaluated each provider based on the full functionality they provided and how valuable those features were in actual business settings.

How to Simplify Conference Calls

Choosing the ideal conferencing solution for your unique needs is the greatest approach to simplify conference calls. Will you be holding events that draw sizable audiences, modest ones, or a combination of the two? How long will your meetings last, and can your solution provider handle larger gatherings? Do you want to host audio-only, video-only, or both conferences?

Before making a final purchase, make a list of the features you require from your conference calling service and confirm that the platform you select is capable of meeting those requirements. The easiest method to determine whether a particular service will meet your organization’s needs is to take advantage of one of the many solutions’ free trials.

Features of a Useful Conference Call

Audio and video conferencing solutions come with a number of useful features that make it easier for you to conduct efficient conference calls. You can stimulate talks and teamwork with certain features, set up the calls more quickly with others, and track and report on important event characteristics with others.

You could want your solutions provider to provide the following conference call functionalities in its feature set:

Internet recordings
Display sharing
Mute participants
Separate rooms
the capability of dynamically adding participants
Open captioning
File exchange
attendance statistics
the capability of removing a conference participant
a waiting area
Private and public talk
Call and video quality are excellent.
Encryption from end to end
Analytics for events
Participation requires little bandwidth
software integrations for businesses

The Best Conference Call Software to Use

It’s time to select specific software when you’ve determined the precise goals your company has for holding conference calls and looked at the capabilities you require to achieve those goals.

Before committing to a certain plan, make sure to test out the software; all the top conference calling services offer free trials. If you’re not sure where to start, start by looking into these excellent options, which Forbes deems to be the best conference calling services available today: RingCentral, FreeConferenceCalls.com, and GoToMeeting.

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