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Bundesliga: Bobic sieht 777-Deal trotz inhaltlicher Fragen auf gutem Weg


Status: 01/13/2023 11:48 a.m

Hertha Managing Director Fredi Bobic sees the negotiations with the potential new investors from 777 Partners as going well – even if there are still some points that need to be discussed.

“It’s still a step,” said the 51-year-old at the Berlin training camp in Florida (USA). “When it comes to the details, things can get a little snagged. However, it’s still an effort from both sides because there’s a feeling that you’re coming together. That’s the most important thing. There’s definitely still something to talk about in terms of content “, he said.

But that is quite normal at this point. “I never assumed that the desired commitment from 777 and the takeover of the Tennor shares would be completed in a month or two,” said the Bundesliga club’s managing director. The American investment company, which also has stakes in several other football clubs, wants to take over the 64.7 percent stake in Hertha BSC KGaA from current investor Lars Windhorst and his company Tennor.

“In terms of content, there are still differences and different ideas. That will then be discussed. Then you will see whether it can be put into a contract. That has to be very clear, because a partnership should look like that both sides with what they sign, have a good feeling,” said Bobic. He did not give any details about the content. In media reports, investors recently speculated about the possibility of a new financial injection for Hertha.

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