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Bundesliga: Drexler glaubt an Schalkes Klassenverbleib: “Riesige Chance”


Status: 12/30/2022 12:05 p.m

Midfielder Dominick Drexler is confident in the relegation battle of Bundesliga club FC Schalke.

“With the power that the club has, there is a huge chance to stay up in the league,” said the bottom scorer on the “Transfermarkt” internet portal. After the disappointing start to the season, the gap to the saving 15th place in the table for the promoted team is already five points. Drexler hopes that the long winter break will have a positive effect: “For a team that didn’t play that well in the first half of the season, it’s good that there was a break like this. Above all, with the new coach, we have time to be complete adjust to his game philosophy and train that.”

The 32-year-old referred to the experiences of the football teacher Thomas Reis, who was hired at the end of October, as a former Bochum coach in the relegation battle: “In this constellation he has already sovereignly led a team to stay up. It is the biggest plus that he I can pass on experiences and moments from last season to us. It is extremely important that you as a coach have been in a situation like this before.” Drexler has made progress: “In the four games that the coach has been here, we’ve had really good momentum. Thomas Reis’ style of play is designed to survive in this league.”

In addition, Drexler relies on the support of the loyal supporters: “The fans really helped us in the first half of the season to get through this difficult time. After a few games you would have thought that the mood could change, but it isn’t.”

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