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Bundesliga: Köln-Geschäftsführer Keller für “sichere und legale Pyro”


Status: 01/16/2023 10:25 a.m

Managing Director Christian Keller of Bundesliga soccer club 1. FC Köln has spoken out against a general ban on pyrotechnics in the stadiums and instead for conscientious handling.

“We all want a football culture – and safe and legal pyro is a part of that,” said Keller in a “kicker” interview. Of course, “nothing should happen to anyone, that’s crucial,” said Keller. But it is absolutely certain “in any case that the distribution of penalties without a plan will not lead to us seeing less Pyro in the stadiums in the future either”.

“It’s clear that in my role as managing director I would like fewer pyros,” said the 44-year-old, referring to the many fines his club recently received. “We have to find a way of balancing the fan culture on the one hand and the resulting penalties on the other,” he explained: “Since April and the fans’ return to the stadium, the penalties have been well above the average of the time before that we discussed it internally and I’m assuming that we’ll be able to achieve a solid balance again in the future, although it’s not a specific problem for 1. FC Köln.”

That’s why he sees the German Football Association as having an obligation. “If the agenda allows it, I would wish that the issue of communication with the active fans would be approached from the beginning and completely neutral and that the dialogue would be taken up again,” said Keller.

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