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Bundesliga: Kölns Baumgart warnt vor Abstiegskampf: “Gucke nach unten”


Status: 12/30/2022 12:43 p.m

Cologne soccer teacher Steffen Baumgart committed his team to a fight to stay in the class before the Bundesliga restarted.

“Of course it’s about the 40 points first. For ten out of 18 teams it’s just about that. With our 17 points I can’t set goals that have anything to do with the top. I always look to where it’s getting tighter – and it’s down at the moment,” said the 50-year-old to the “Express”. With only three points distance of the table-13. caution should be exercised regarding the relegation rank. “Once we’ve increased the distance, we can talk about other goals,” said Baumgart.

The coach referred to the bad luck with injuries, the departure of important top performers such as Anthony Modeste and Salih Özcan (both Dortmund) last summer and the recent hunt for appointments: “The last few months have been very exhausting and have drained my strength. I felt tired and to be exhausted – but never that it’s the wrong job. I still think the tight schedule and the appointments are wrong. I think everyone can imagine that a program like this doesn’t go unnoticed.”

When asked whether the table seventh from last season would be better off without participating in the European Cup, Baumgart replied: “I don’t allow such thoughts. We had worked hard for the Conference League. This participation made me hungry for more. I have that Feeling that this was not a flash in the pan. We can take this step again.”

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