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Bundesliga: RB-Teamarzt rät Fußballern von rein veganer Ernährung ab


Status: 12/30/2022 11:02 a.m

The RB Leipzig team doctor has advised football professionals against a purely vegan diet.

In an interview with the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”, Percy Marshall said that in his opinion it was not advisable for a professional to live vegan and thus exclusively from plant-based foods. “But most of the time, professionals who go completely vegan diets realize after a year and a half that they’re blaming themselves on some micronutrient levels from this extreme form of eating,” Marshall said. If an athlete has a support staff around them that can influence such deficits, this can work. “In general, one can say that there is no substitute for a flexible, balanced and healthy diet.”

According to Marshall, the cup winner no longer has a vegan professional, but some players do have vegan days. Marshall explained that a vegan diet can be helpful over a period of time as you age. “We know that a plant-rich diet can reduce inflammation levels in the body. As a result, many older athletes can benefit tremendously from such a diet adjustment in the late autumn of their career, when their joints are crunching and affected,” said the medic.

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