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Europa-League-Triumph: Hellmann über Eintracht-Erfolge: “Ein Mysterium”


Status: 12/27/2022 12:55 p.m

Eintracht Frankfurt’s board spokesman Axel Hellmann drew a very positive conclusion for the past twelve months shortly before the turn of the year and gave an optimistic outlook for 2023.

“I can’t remember a more moving year since I’ve been at Eintracht Frankfurt. We’ve been in an unbelievable constant rush since May and winning the Europa League,” said Hellmann in the podcast of the Hessian Bundesliga club. The coming year will bring Eintracht “once again in sport, but also in the overall emotionality of the club.”

In view of the rapid development of the club, he still has to pinch himself sometimes and feels great anticipation for the continuation of the season after the winter break. “We’re looking ahead to 2023 and we know we’re in all three competitions, we’re in a Champions League place in the Bundesliga, we’re in the round of 16 in the Champions League and we have a big game ahead of us. Despite all the attempts at explanation it’s a mystery,” said Hellmann.

Europa League triumph as a pointer

Winning the Europa League was a great achievement. “But to break into the top 16 clubs in Europe is really something extraordinary for Eintracht Frankfurt. We have shown that these big shoes suit us. For me it is a sign of what is possible in football,” said Hellmann.

Despite the sporting high, they will not forget their roots in the future either, “because there is a lot of authenticity in this club. There are areas such as fan culture that we do not want to go into. If you want credibility as a club, you can be successful , performance and competitiveness – which we have to bring – never come at the expense of basic support,” Hellmann explained the club’s philosophy.

“We want to be a club with an international focus, but we also want to maintain our deep roots with the fans and our homeland. It’s important that this balance is maintained,” explained the spokesman for the fourth-placed team.

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