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Fanbündnis: ProFans beendet Arbeit – Erneut Kritik an DFB und DFL


Status: 01/14/2023 2:46 p.m

The ProFans alliance ends its work. The fan work in German football will continue “on other levels”, according to the website.

“Times have changed and ProFans has played its part. So we’re not sitting back at the end of ProFans.” You remain uncomfortable, unconventional and united in the matter: “You don’t need an institution for that. Just power. And we have that…”

ProFans had been committed to fan culture for more than 20 years and had repeatedly criticized the German Football Association and the German Football League. In parting, the alliance accused the DFB of mismanagement, among other things, and complained that it had completely lost contact with the base. It was said that the DFL had no content to offer in terms of football beyond the question of money. Both associations are unable to deal with social issues relating to football and have no reliable contacts.

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