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Fußballer Cristiano Ronaldo wechselt nach Saudi-Arabien zu Al-Nassr – Spieler und Botschafter


Status: 12/31/2022 10:06 am

Former world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is continuing his recently stalled career in Saudi Arabia. The 37-year-old Portuguese, who was kicked out at Manchester United in November after his general settlement with the club, has signed a contract with Al-Nassr until 2025.

“More than history is being made here. This is a commitment that will not only inspire our club to even greater success, but will also inspire our league, our nation and future generations, boys and girls, to be the best version of themselves to be,” Al-Nassr explained on Instagram. Ronaldo posted the identical statement, showing off his new yellow and blue jersey number 7.

First player, then World Cup ambassador?

Following his playing career, Ronaldo will probably act as ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is controversial because of its human rights violations, and will help it win the bid to host the 2030 World Cup finals (together with Egypt and Greece).

“I’m looking forward to a new football league in another country,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying, speaking of the club’s “very inspiring vision”: “Together we will help the team to be more successful.”

astronomical content

According to various media reports, Ronaldo should have an annual salary of 200 million euros including advertising revenue. There is also talk of a whopping hand money for the signature.

Ronaldo’s signature will not only inspire the club to be even more successful, “but also our league, our nation and the generations to come,” the club said. The country’s sports minister, who critics accuse of sportwashing in its purest form, announced that he would also buy top stars from other clubs.

Although Lionel Messi plays for Qatar-backed club Paris Saint-Germain, he has already promoted Saudi Arabia in spots that were often shown during World Cup broadcasts.

Ronaldo is likely to be presented on Saturday (December 31, 2022) when his new club, nine-time champions, most recently in 2019, joins Al-Kaleej. Whether Cristiano Ronaldo will play against Al-Tai in the first game of the new year and his new career phase in front of a maximum of 25,000 fans in Msool Park on January 5 is an open question.

European Champion 2016

After Portugal’s World Cup elimination in the quarter-finals, Ronaldo kept fit at Real Madrid’s training ground before Christmas. The goalscorer had played for the Royals from 2009 to 2018 and during this period contributed 450 goals in 438 games to winning four Champions League titles, among others.

Other stations in his professional career were Sporting Lisbon, Juventus Turin and twice Manchester United. In 2016, Ronaldo won the European Football Championship with Portugal. His 118 international goals (in 196 games) are unmatched anywhere in the world.

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