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Hervorragende Aussichten: Dietrich zum Frauenfußball: “Mehr im Einklang mit der DFL”


Status: 12/28/2022 11:52 a.m

Frankfurt’s ex-manager Siggi Dietrich still sees a lot of potential for women’s football. If forces are combined, the sport could be taken to an even greater level. Not just in the Bundesliga.

After his departure, the long-standing Frankfurt manager Siggi Dietrich called on women’s football to look more for the expertise of the German Football League.

“I expect that those responsible at the clubs and the DFB will work even more in harmony with the DFL in the future. Bundling strengths and ideas for sporting, media and economic factors can take women’s professional football to an even greater level lift,” said the 65-year-old in an interview on the website of the German Football Association.

Everything had to be done more intensively to lay further foundations for the profits of the footballers, Dietrich said. While the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga for men is organized and marketed by the DFL, the women’s Bundesliga plays under the umbrella of the DFB.

Dietrich had retired from his posts at the end of October for health reasons. During his time, 1. FFC Frankfurt won the German championship seven times and the European Cup four times before the all-women’s football club merged with Eintracht. After that, Dietrich was general manager and sports director for women at the top club, and also long-time chairman of the DFB committee for women’s national leagues.

Dietrich: Outstanding prospects for women’s football

The ex-manager sees “a gradual expansion of the league, first to 14 and later to 16 or even 18 clubs” for the TV period after next from 2027 at the latest. Only twelve teams are currently playing in the Bundesliga. Only if there is a real permanent presence, as in the men’s top division, “are we constantly in the focus of attention, are we attractive for really big sponsors and partners…”

Basically, women’s and girls’ football is football with the highest growth rates and outstanding prospects for the future. “The current successes and developments prove it. And for those who want to hear it again: In my experience, sustainable investment in women’s football is a worthwhile business with great prospects,” emphasized Dietrich.

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