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‘I would have killed him 12 months ago,’ Gallen responds to Fenech’s Hodges bombshell.


Paul Gallen has reacted angrily to boxing legend Jeff Fenech’s prediction that Justin Hodges would beat him in his final fight before retiring.

Fenech predicted an upset for Hodges in an interview with foxsports.com.au, saying Gallen’s chin isn’t what it used to be and his history of hard sparring is starting to catch up with him.

Gallen told Wide World of Sports that he couldn’t understand Hodges’ belief in his boxing ability and that the only reason he challenged him in their first fight was because Ben Hannant had exhausted him in his first fight of the double header.

“I don’t understand where all this confidence in Justin Hodges comes from,” Gallen told Wide World of Sports.

“He fought me in the night’s second fight.

“It was clear to me that Ben Hannant’s coach had something in common with Hodges because he didn’t try to win the Ben Hannant fight.”

“All he did was try to tire me out, and I could hear him throughout the fight saying, ‘Grab him, walk him back to the ropes,’ and all they wanted me to do was carry his 110kg frame around for the entire fight so they could tire me out for Hodges, which is exactly what happened.”

“Then Hodgo comes in and punches me on a break call, which rocked me, I’ll admit.” It shook me.

“How can anyone have faith in him?” After two rounds, his trainer pulls the tape off his arm, he’s on his feet, and he’s f—-ed. “Where does this assurance come from?”

Gallen revealed that his preparations for the rematch with Hodges have intensified, and that he did not prepare as thoroughly as he should have for their first fight.

“I didn’t spar much in the previous fight. “I didn’t do much,” Gallen admitted.

“To be honest, I took it for granted and didn’t prepare for it like I usually do.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I trained hard, but as far as sparring goes, I didn’t do much.” I sparred more for this fight, but not as much as I did for previous fights, such as the Huni fight.

” I have a feeling they want to see me get thrashed.” They’re looking for the next Paul Gallen. That’s why I believe they’re allowing two-and-a-half minute rounds; what a crock. They’re allowing it, which is a little annoying.

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