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Nationalmannschaft: Petersen über Fans-Entfremdung: “Diese WM war es krass”


Status: 25.12.2022 8:23 a.m

The bond between the national soccer team and the fans has weakened. Nils Petersen noticed that too. The striker hopes that at some point more fans will have “tears in their eyes” again.

Bundesliga striker Nils Petersen was also particularly struck by the alienation between fans and the national soccer team during the World Cup in Qatar.

“You can’t change it with a snap of your fingers that everyone is a Germany fan again. You can only do that if you manage to develop pride again and a DFB that is there with all its heart,” said the 34-year-old old former national players of SC Freiburg of the German Press Agency. “Hopefully, even with good results, you get the simple fan excited about football again, that you sing along to the anthem, that you get tears in your eyes again when you lose.”

He himself is curious to see how this will develop in the coming years, also with a view to the home European Championship in 2024. “But I’m not worried about leaving a cycle behind again. This time it also has to do with the fact that the timing of the World Cup didn’t appeal to us that much,” said Petersen.

He noticed that people behaved differently from other tournaments during the World Cup in Qatar, where the German team failed in the preliminary round. “This World Cup was awesome. In recent years I’ve seen a lot of fans with Germany flags, with jerseys on the street and in youth training. This year it wasn’t that much. It really didn’t come across that you were really looking forward to it.” , said Petersen: “I noticed it myself with so much football that is currently on offer. Even I’ve probably watched fewer World Cup games than ever before.”

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