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Pyrotechnik: Hertha-Präsident fordert Dialog zwischen Fans und Polizei


Status: 12/26/2022 7:59 am

According to Hertha President Bernstein, the conflicts between the police and football fans require a culture of understanding. The former Ultra is also hoping for solutions when it comes to pyrotechnics.

President Kay Bernstein of Bundesliga soccer club Hertha BSC has called for more understanding in the conflict between soccer fans and law enforcement officials.

“How often have we said: Let’s talk about it with each other. We’ll explain to you how such a fan arrives away and how he perceives his weekend experience “away game” for himself,” said the former Ultra of the German Press Agency, “And how effective it is when there is no reception culture at the station, but a culture: “Actually, we don’t want you here. We’ll put you in a cauldron and you’ll go home quickly.”

The 42-year-old believes that there could be more understanding for the respective situations around a match day if “everybody involved listens much more to the fan projects and the social workers. Solutions could then be worked out with a joint dialogue.”

Bernstein sees double standards when it comes to pyrotechnics

A solution-oriented debate is also needed on the topic of pyrotechnics, since “sanctions and bans have not brought anything”. “But if you were to approach this in a solution-oriented manner, many options would come up that you could try,” said Bernstein about possible separate zones in the stadiums, “no one says that we suddenly have to create the solution that is for for the next 25 years. But why don’t we give it a try. If it works, fine. And if it doesn’t, we’ll stamp it again. But then we’ve tried it.”

At the same time, Bernstein sees a double standard on the part of all those responsible when it comes to pyrotechnics. “Before the pandemic, we had a conflict between fans and the DFB, where both sides encountered very hardened fronts with no idea of ​​a solution. After the pandemic, all stadiums are open again and there is more fire than ever. But it won’t be talked more about it” because everyone is happy about the restart: “We have our product back and are not addressing it now.”

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