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Schiedsrichter: Urs Meier rät DFB zu professionelleren Strukturen


Status: 12/27/2022 11:54 am

The former top referee Urs Meier recommends that the German Football Association (DFB) use more professional procedures for Bundesliga referees and involve former professionals.

The referees should be “the 19th team, with everything that goes with it: coaches, assistant coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists, training, analyzes – not just in the two training camps a year,” said the 63-year-old Swiss in an interview with the specialist magazine “Kicker”.

Meier proposes a weekly meeting of all Bundesliga referees and video assistants at the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, at which the past weekend will be intensively reviewed. “They have to look at the relevant scenes, discuss them and recognize in which areas they have to come closer in the interpretations. The sports management should communicate their guidelines in each case,” said Meier.

Meier for involving ex-professionals

In order to develop a better understanding of certain game situations among the referees, the former FIFA referee would increasingly rely on the cooperation of former professionals. “An ex-striker could help with penalty scenes with his experience: what’s worthy of a penalty and what’s not? You could learn what exactly he’s looking for. You can go through the same scenes with an ex-goalkeeper. It can be an aha- effect on referees,” said Meier.

In addition, more practical training is important. “Let the referees headball or tackle. It’s filmed and afterwards you show them what their arms and hands are doing during these actions. When you see and feel yourself, you have a greater understanding of the players,” said Meier. “All such things increase football competence and thus the quality of decisions.”

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