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Seth Curry not keen to join Stephen Curry at Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets trade rumours


Despite the brotherly bond that is obvious between Seth and Stephen Curry, the prospect of the two brothers teaming up is unlikely.

That’s the view of NBA sharpshooter Seth, who has travelled Down Under to play a role in helping develop Australia’s next generation of basketball stars during his off-season.

In what has been his first time visiting Australia, Curry has teamed up with former Harlem Globetrotter Tracy Williams as well as Melbourne United coach Dean Vickerman to run clinics for more than 100 kids aged 12-19 through Charity Bounce and Footlocker Australia. He also believes the country’s coffee has lived up to its lofty reputation.

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“I’m just having some fun with the kids, spreading my knowledge and doing some drills at the same time,” he told Wide World of Sports.

Seth Curry has spent his first trip to Australia working with the country’s next generation of basketball stars (Footlocker)

“It’s a great experience overall”.

Currently entering the final year of a four-year deal, Curry’s NBA future is somewhat in flux after being traded in the middle of last season to the Brooklyn Nets, where he is currently teamed up with Australia’s own Ben Simmons.

With the team’s two stars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, seemingly wanting out, there’s no telling what type of team Curry will have around him this season, or if he’ll be shipped off in yet another trade along with Durant and/or Irving.

While Curry will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season and will no doubt have his pick of a number of teams, joining his older brother at Golden State will not be an option … for now.

“It’s not looking like it. Probably no time soon,” Curry said of the prospect of the brothers teaming up.

Seth is more than content with defending his older brother Stephen rather than teaming up for the time being (Getty)

“You never know, I never say never. We don’t really talk about it, I think he knows that’s not really what I want to do right now. I’d rather do my thing on the east coast or wherever I’m at and play on my own team.”

Take a quick look at Seth Curry’s basketball journey, and it’s no surprise he’s happy to continue forging his own path, it’s what he’s had to do to make it to this point.

Despite displaying the famous Curry shooting stroke from long distance during his five-year college career, unlike his father Dell and his older brother, who were both first-round draft picks, Seth went undrafted in 2013.

There was a brief glimmer of hope that the two brothers would be reunited on a court when the Warriors signed Seth to a non-guaranteed contract after the draft, but that was short-lived as he was waived by the ballclub two months later.

Seth would bounce around the league for the next two years trying to find a home, with stops in Cleveland, Memphis and Phoenix, all while logging plenty of minutes in the NBA D-League, as it was then called.

Curry chats with young basketballers in Australia during his trip down under this month (Footlocker)

Meanwhile, his older brother’s star ascended. Steph was named to his first All Star team in 2014, before taking the league by storm to win the first of two straight MVP awards in 2015.

Despite the achievement being the crowning moment to that point of his career, Steph took time to shout out his then little-known brother, telling him and those listening in attendance that Seth’s time was coming.

“I’m proud of you man. We had some battles growing up, you challenged me every single day when we played one on one in the backyard. Those battles I’ll never forget,” he told Seth, who fought back tears in the crowd.

“Just seeing how you’ve grown and following your career, it’s not easy having an older brother playing in the NBA and obviously your dad, and the way that you’re handling it is impressive.

“The sky is the limit for you, keep doing what you’re doing and keep making the family proud.”

Despite not wanting to play together, Seth was one of the first on hand to celebrate Stephen’s 4th NBA title (Getty)

Steph’s words proved to be a seminal moment in Seth’s own career. The younger Curry lit up the NBA Summer League in the months that followed that MVP speech, before signing a guaranteed deal with the Sacramento Kings that would kickstart what has been an incredibly successful career in the league.

Fast-forward a decade later, and Seth is a lethal weapon on the court who cannot be ignored by defences in his own right.

The younger Curry is fourth overall all-time in playoff three-point percentage, having drilled more than 47 per cent of his shots from long range in the biggest games of his career, a higher mark than the game’s all-time leader in three-pointers made, Steph.

Seth has become a highly-sought after role player, who is capable of supplementing any one of the league’s biggest stars, and has played with the best of the best, including Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic.

“He’s always been in my corner just being honest,” he said of Steph’s 2015 MVP speech.

Curry has played alongside some of the game’s biggest names, including Kevin Durant at Brooklyn (Getty)

“That was just him being honest and even when I was trying to make it to the NBA, him and my dad just being in my corner and telling me they think I’m good enough to play in the NBA just allowed me to keep that confidence and keep going and keep working hard.

“Him giving those words, it’s not just stuff he’s saying just to blow me up, he just really truly means what he’s saying.

“I’m trying to do the same thing and just being in his corner like when I’m at the playoffs going to his games. It’s good to see him get back to the top and win another championship after the rough few years he had as a player and they had as a team.

“We’re always in each other’s corners and want to see each other do as best as they can.”

Despite having the obvious NBA pedigree, Seth doesn’t believe a career in the league was a foregone conclusion, but believes it’s made him more “relatable” to fans.

Curry proved to be a prolific three-point shooter during his college career at Duke, but went undrafted (Getty)

“I just appreciate every step of the way,” he said.

“I had to earn every opportunity I had and had to play well to get another opportunity to try move up, so it’s made me appreciate where I’m at.

“I think it made me better as well, just playing for so many different teams, different coaches and different systems allow me to adapt to different roles and different situations.

“I think all that showed this season, being traded in the middle of the season and being able to just go in and play well right away.

“That journey allowed me to be a better player and I just appreciate every step after not knowing if I would ever really get an opportunity to have an NBA career.”

Seth has found himself in somewhat of a weird spot in the league, where his contract means he’s constantly involved in trades, despite his production remaining at a high level.

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After signing a four-year, $32 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks in 2019, Seth has been moved twice before the expiration of the contract.

“There’s so many deals going on, you can sign a deal and get traded the next month, so who knows,” he said of his impending free agency decision.

“For me, I’m just trying to lock into this season and have fun. I would love to be in the same place for an extended period of time, but it’s not really up to me.

“I played well in Dallas and Philly, outperformed my contracts, and still got traded. That’s a part of the game.

“There’s two ends to every story and obviously there’s teams that trade me, but also the team that trades for me. They want me for a reason and they feel like I can help them out, so that’s where I view it.

“I understand the business, I understand I’m on a value contract and a lot of teams are asking for me to fit in. I try to come in and do my job and try to be better every year.”

If Seth has any luck at his next home, Stephen may not be the only one in the family flaunting a NBA championship ring in the near future.

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