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Transfermarkt: Knauff kann sich Verbleib in Frankfurt vorstellen


Status: 01/12/2023 08:40 a.m

Ansgar Knauff, who was loaned out to league rival Eintracht Frankfurt by the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund until the end of the season, can imagine staying with the Hessians beyond this season.

“Of course,” Knauff replied in an interview with “Kicker” magazine when asked whether Eintracht fans could hope for the 21-year-old offensive player to stay. “Eintracht and BVB are both great clubs with fantastic fans and great stadiums. I don’t know yet what will happen after the summer,” he added.

Knauff left it open when the decision was made. “Of course we will get together sooner or later to discuss how to proceed, but now would not be the right time.” Knauff is contractually bound to BVB until 2024. For him, the sporting aspect comes first in the decision. “I’m at the beginning of my career and it doesn’t do me any good to look at anything other than my sporting development,” he explained. Knauff won the Europa League with Eintracht last year.

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