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Werder Bremen: Psychologe hilft Niklas Schmidt: “Hatte große mentale Probleme”


Status: 04.01.2023 4:45 p.m

Niklas Schmidt said on Wednesday that he hadn’t felt any joie de vivre in the past few months and therefore sought psychological help. It is important for him to talk about it openly.

By Karsten Lübben, Olaf Rathje

What happened on the pitch in the 2-0 win over Real Murcia quickly faded into the background in a conversation with Niklas Schmidt. The Bremen midfielder spoke openly and honestly about how bad things have been for him in recent months.

I have to say openly and honestly that other things were more important to me in the past few months. Especially me. I had big mental problems. I also communicated this openly with the team. Even with the trainer. I am now also in the aid.” (Niklas Schmidt)

The 24-year-old emphasized how important it is for him to talk about the topic. “Because I think I’m not alone.” Most recently, he reported, he no longer felt the zest for life and was also asked about it by those around him.

If other people who are close to you are afraid for you, then you need to get help and take advice from family. Even if you don’t want to hear it at the moment. That’s exactly what I did.” (Niklas Schmidt)

World Cup break felt good

According to Schmidt, he also found himself in the descriptions of Bayern defender Benjamin Pavard, who spoke about his depression at the end of September. The longer World Cup break was important for him so that he could just switch off, go on vacation and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with his family. He will now work with his psychologist to work things out. In terms of sport, he wants to continue to do his thing and try to get healthy again off the pitch.

According to Schmidt, it is important to deal with the topic openly and honestly and to get help and not, like Robert Enke once did, to eat things up inside oneself. “Unfortunately, it’s still a taboo subject.”

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