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WM-Tagebuch: Dietfried Dembowski und das Jahrhundertspiel


Status: 12/17/2022 11:01 p.m

Sports show reporter Marcus Bark reports in the World Cup diary about the football World Cup in Qatar, his impressions and encounters.

The screen is black. It’s quiet in the elevator. No “Hayya Hayya”. This is how a final day can begin.

But it quickly becomes clear that sabotage is behind it. Someone pulled the plug.

A case for Dietfried Dembowski, who has been named “Investigator of the Year” several times. The colleague who is also in Doha and created the fictional character Dembowski must be informed. But only after breakfast.

By then, however, it is already too late. It’s a repeat case, and according to credible testimonies, it was resolved very quickly – without Dembowski’s help.

The perpetrator (employer known to the editors) received a call from reception two minutes after finding his room. Almost a yellow card. He (it was actually a man) should let that be.

Denial was completely useless, because the camera in the elevator has no visible plug that can be easily unplugged by elevator passengers.

Five weeks are over

Getting to the final difficult. Everything is congested because the national holiday is also celebrated in Lusail. The stadium there is called the Lusail Iconic, and the game fits that. iconic. Epic. century game.

Oh Diego, that you weren’t allowed to experience that anymore.

Messi’s accomplishment.

The thing is done. The suitcases are packed. A return flight with webcam Buenos Aires would be nice.

Five weeks are over. From Oman to the game of the century. Stay clean until the days!

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