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Zukunft von Coach offen: Berhalter gegen Reyna: Bizarrer Streit im US-Fußball


Status: 05.01.2023 09:44 am

The future of US national coach Gregg Berhalter is open after a long-ago act of violence against his wife became known. The parents of BVB professional Giovanni Reyna also play a role.

A bizarre dispute over national team coach Gregg Berhalter has caused a stir in US soccer. The 49-year-old, whose contract expired at the end of the year and who is being investigated within the association because of previous acts of violence against his wife, has made serious allegations.

The parents of international player Giovanni Reyna from Borussia Dortmund play a central role. Among other things, they accuse Berhalter of playing down the incident in the early 1990s.

“Obviously, this is not a good time for football in this country and for our men’s national team,” Football Association President Cindy Parlow Cone said at a news conference. It is completely open who should look after the team at the home World Cup in 2026.

In a joint statement with his wife Rosalind, Berhalter admitted that he had kicked his partner in the legs 31 years ago after an argument. This was a “shameful moment” that he regrets “to this day”, wrote the former Bundesliga professional from Energie Cottbus.

According to Danielle Reyna, mother of young Dortmund star Giovanni, Berhalter’s statements would “significantly minimize” the abuse on the night in question, as she explained in a statement to US media. As a former roommate, teammate and best friend, she accompanied Rosalind Berhalter through “the trauma that followed”. She worked hard to “give grace” to Gregg Berhalter, which she “expected” from the US national coach for her son.

Shortly after the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar, Berhalter had made it public that a player was about to be suspended due to demonstrative listlessness. The media quickly found out that it was Giovanni Reyna. Spicy: According to Berhalter, an unnamed person is said to have tried to contact a person in the association during the World Cup in order to discredit the coach with certain information. “An obvious attempt to use something very personal and long ago to bring about the end of my relationship with US Soccer,” Berhalter said.

confused situation

According to the broadcaster ESPN, it is said to have been Danielle and Claudio Reyna, father of Giovanni, former US international and best man at Berhalter’s wedding. Danielle Reyna admitted to contacting sporting director Earnie Stewart after the World Cup, but denied blackmail allegations.

To resolve the muddled situation, the association hired the law firm Alston & Bird to investigate. Berhalter’s current assistant, Anthony Hudson, is tasked with preparing the team for the internationals against Serbia and Colombia at the end of January. Stewart was commissioned by the association’s leadership to make a coaching recommendation. Stewart emphasized that Berhalter could not be ruled out.

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